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AB Internet

Delivering Superfast broadband across rural Britain

On 23rd May 2017 AB Internet Limited was placed into Administration. Martin C Armstrong and James E Patchett, of Turpin Barker Armstrong, were appointed as Joint Administrators.
The Joint Administrators are continuing to trade the Company in order to try and achieve a going concern sale of the Company's business and assets, either as a whole, or, as a number of separate and logical geographic elements. Any potential purchasers should contact the appointed Administrators by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Finally, please note that the affairs, business and property of the Company are being managed by the Joint Administrators, Martin C Armstrong and James E Patchett. The Joint Administrators act as agents of the Company and contract without personal liability.

Latest updates:

13/06/17 - 12:00
Black Isle: Engineers are still working with BT to restore service and are awaiting confirmation of the reinstatement of the backhaul from Dingwall. 95% of the work required to re-establish the service has now been completed. We are on standby to reconnect all customers as soon as the backhaul is operational and tested again and a further update will be provided as soon as possible.

13/06/17 - 09:00
Goldcliff: Normal service restored. We would ask any remaining customers with connectivity issues in this area to simply power cycle their wifi routers to reconnect to the service.

08/06/17 - 14:30
Loch Tay: Normal service restored.

07/06/17 - 11:20
Loch Tay: Engineers are working to repair damage associated with yesterday's high winds at altitude west of Fearnan. Normal service is expected to resume tomorrow afternoon.

06/06/17 - 11:00
Our service restoration activities continue, please see below for the latest update regarding our last few affected connections.
The Black Isle: Service restoration scheduled for the 12th of June.
Grosmont & Cross Ash: Service now fully restored, infrastructure site back online.
Goldcliff: Service restoration anticipated for the 12th of June.

05/06/17 - 11:30
We have almost completed the works required to restore services to the last few remaining communities. Discussions are ongoing with a large number of potential Service Providers to take over the services in each area as soon as possible, more information will follow soon.
The Black Isle: We are waiting for a final update from BT and are inticipating being able to make an announcement regarding service restoration within a few days.
Grosmont & Cross Ash: Normal service will be restored either today or tomorrow morning.
Goldcliff: As with the Black Isle, we are anticipating being able to make an announcement regarding the restoration of services as soon as we have received the information we require from BT.

26/05/17 - 16:30
Whilst 95% of the AB Internet UK wide infrastructure remains operational, we are continuing to work as fast as we can to restore services to the last few affected customers. Please see below for specific updates on local network segments.
The Black Isle: We are working with BT to provision temporary backhaul to reconnect the service to all users as soon as possible whilst in dialogue with bidding service providers. We continue to expedite these works and are receiving full cooperation from all parties involved.
Grosmont & Cross Ash: Despite recent press claims, the network infrastructure near the border of England and Wales has been fully operational throughout this process with the exception of only one infrastructure site near Grosmont. We are working on a resolution to this as fast as possible and have been engaging with local authorities and the local community to affect a fix as fast as we can.
Goldcliff: As with the Black Isle, we are working with BT to install temporary infrastructure for us so we can re-enable services to the small number of affected users near the mouth of the River Severn. We will continue to work over the bank holiday weekend to restore the last few connections as fast as possible.

24/05/17 - 10:50
A quick update to reassure customers who are waiting to be transferred over to their new service providers, we are in negotiations with several regional operators to ensure a seamless transition without compromising the availability of your service. The last few remaining customers who are in areas where there is still a disruption in service are now our highest priority and we are anticipating reconnection within the new few days. More information will follow. Please bear with us whilst we transfer your service to your new service provider, we are not anticipating any disruption to your internet connection or service during this process.

22/05/17 - 11:50
AB Internet is now engaging with several internet service providers to take over the service across the UK and to ensure service continuity for the customers during the administration process. Priority has been given to the small number of customers unlucky enough to be in an area with service interruption and we are anticipating full service restoration to all customers within a few days.



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