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AB Internet

Delivering Superfast broadband across rural Britain

What is it that we do?

First and foremost we are a full Internet Service Provider with our own RIPE registered address space but with a pedigree and history of Wireless Infrastructure deployments to suite. We own and operate our own wireless conurbation network infrastructure in the UK and beyond and offer varying services across these networks. These deployments are designed and built in house and deployed by our world class engineers using only the very best telecommunications grade equipment, carried by both licensed and light licensed radio equipment. Every deployment benefits from a multifaceted service set, catering for everything from the urban and rural Broadband Internet market through to Municipal application such as leased line replacement services with operator class availability.

Wireless Broadband Internet

Here at AB Internet we know how important the Internet is to you. Whether you're a business or consumer we know you want your Internet connection to be truly always on and as fast as possible.  We know there are many areas in the UK that suffer from poor connectivity because of the well publicised broadband reach problem through the ADSL network and we are actively targeting these areas for our deployments.  If you live in an area that suffers from poor connectivity and it is a known local problem please contact us - we will be able to help!

However our broadband service isn't just for rural broadband project areas, we deploy broadband networks across Cities also as we have done here in Lincoln.  There are an ever increasing number of broadband users enjoying our pioneering Internet Access service inside our increasing footprint and users choose us as their provider to maximise availability, speed and service.

Wireless Infrastructure

Large scale Point to Multipoint deployments are our core skill, carried over the very best equipment and installed to the highest standard we use both licensed and light licensed communications equipment to deliver our industry leading services deep into our targeted territories.

Many customers have commissioned us to install our Point to Multipoint systems for there own exclusive use such as educational establishments and blue chip companies with multiple buildings spread across many square miles.  These companies all need connectivity across multiple sites with high speed and high availability services and as a core offering we are well known in our abilities to deliver the best deployments available.

Leased Line Replacement

One of the most common applications licensed radio equipment is used for is the replacement of expensive leased lines.  Using private circuits delivered over licensed radio equipment significantly reduces the cost of capacity and offers availability up to five nines.  Over the past 10 years thousands of radio links have been installed around the world whilst the wireless industry dominates the close haul private circuit market saving customers hundreds of thousands of pounds over the term of the circuit and increasing the reliability of the link as the large combersome operator is removed from the equation and the number of physical hops to the "B" end is reduced to just one or two!

As the industry moves more into the fibre replacement lightwave era we can now offer services from 2Mb/s up to n x Gb/s both nationally and internationally.  Leased line replacement is very common with local authorities and large companies and can save you a considerable sum of revenue!

Please feel free to call us for a no obligation and confidential discussion regarding your current leased line services and costs and you'll be surprised how much you could save!

Network Services

Do you have a network of your own but don't have the Network Operations Centre to run it. AB Internet is leading the way with our vNOC service, plugged directly into your Management VLAN we will run the infrastructure for you including:

  • The Wireless Access Layer
  • Switching Layer (We currently support Cisco equipment)
  • Service restoration and fault management

Our portfolio is comprehensive because we are an industry innovator, with the time and resources to research and develop new forms of access and services to operate across our network infrastructure.  Unlike other companies we rely on no one but ourselves, all our technology and skills are sought in house.



Jenny Smith
Date: Jul 11, 2011

Excellent! I was able to Skype our grandson in Japan and speak to him and see him for the first time! Our daughter in London on skype said "welcome to the 21st century"

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