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AB Internet

Delivering Superfast broadband across rural Britain

Anglesey Broadband - first 'Superfast' users connect to the fastest broadband on the island.

Following the recent launch on Anglesey of AB Internet's unique superfast home broadband service, the first customers are now being connected to what is proving to be the fastest home broadband service on the island; bridging the digital divide and transforming the lives of locals.

AB recently received an email from one of its first customers on the island; a customer who has been using the service for just over a week now. The email was very simple, it said: "Thanks for the great service, I thought you'd like to see this"


The speed test says it all - 'faster than 94% of GB.'

You might be forgiven for thinking that this was from a house in Holyhead, or indeed one of the other towns on the island, but you'd be wrong. Instead, it's in the middle of a very rural area in what was, until today, a 'not spot' with average speeds of less than 0.5Mb

Neil Tucker, Sales & Marketing Director for AB Internet said; "It gives us a real 'buzz' to see these results, especially in such a remote part of Wales and to such a deserving customer; a member of the armed forces in this case, but" he continued, "apart from being the fastest home connection on the island, the really interesting thing is that this customer's computer has more broadband capacity than is collectively available to all his peers put together and that even includes the local village!"

whether streaming HD TV, playing (and winning!) online games or just using the connection to browse their favourite websites, the locals now have access to a broadband service hitherto only available in cities.

With services starting at just £14.99 per month, Essential Broadband; AB Internet's market leading wireless broadband service is now being rolled out across Anglesey as well as other parts of Wales and the rest of the UK.

Take a look at AB Internet's coverage checker to see what services are available to you.



John Jones
Date: Oct 06, 2010

Due to our rural location we only had dial up before, with a 56k modem we had speeds of 37k and an unreliable connection, we are now receiving 3meg download speeds which has given us the ability to be sourcing products for our customers much more readily. The service we received from AB Internet ...

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